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15U AA Evaluations & 8 Days Left for Spring Registration

15U AA Evaluations will be held on Sunday March 13th at 6:45pm at the West Kelowna Indoor Sports Dome.

Players who have already gone through the 15U AAA tryout this week are not required to show up to the AA evaluation unless they would like to.

The 15U AA team will have similar travel and time commitments as the AAA team. There will be at least 1 field practice and 1 batting practice per week. All practice dates and times are to be determined.

2022 Spring Registration!

Don't forget there is only 8 days left to register, make sure your family doesn't miss out on the 2022 COMBA Spring season and register now! If you're interested in our AAA, AA or HP programs make sure you also register here.

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