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From the President’s Desk

Hello Kelowna Sun Devils (COMBA) Membership, I would like to take this time to do both a recap of the year as well as to thank the players and membership for a fantastic 2021 baseball season. The Kelowna Sun Devils organization had a successful 2021 across the divisions with some great performances by our senior divisions and a lot of play, hustle and grow from our junior divisions. One of the most memorable aspects for 2021 was that COMBA was able to take something that has caused a lot of pain and hardship, COVID, and work with BC Minor to do something in our summer program that does not usually occur in normal seasons. That being, provide summer programs where, in almost every summer division, every player that signed up was able to play baseball. The COMBA board took great pride in turning the lack of provincials and formalized playoffs, due to COVID, in our junior divisions into a positive where every player could put the Sun Devils logo on with pride and play. The membership supported COMBA in 2021, despite COVID, with record numbers of players in many of the divisions, all the way through to fall ball where many other local associations were not able to field teams. I would like to thank the membership for the strong support of our organization as we continue to develop and grow. The COMBA board has also made great strides in our branding in 2021. I can say that I have never seen so many players, members and loved ones/fans out in our community with Kelowna Sun Devils merchandise and gear on as I have seen this year. The merchandise and gear has also transformed our teams and the professionalism we have witnessed from our players and coaching staff has been exciting to watch. Our current COMBA board has shown perseverance through struggles and came together more unified and determined to develop and implement the plans and goals that have begun this 2021 season. I applaud the board for their hard work, determination and understanding of what it takes to make a successful board function as a team. I would also like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers who ensured our fields were maintained, equipment was in order and assisted where needed. Without your assistance the players would not be able to take the field, so thank you. We are an organization of volunteers and are only as strong as the support that we can give. With the everchanging landscape that is our current health crisis we look forward to continue to adapt and adopt policies and procedures that will ensure our players can play the best baseball possible and develop skills both on and off the field. The Kelowna Sun Devils organization is set for an amazing 2022 season and beyond. Please ensure to attend the COMBA AGM on October 19, 2021 at 7pm via zoom. Darren Kautz President - COMBA

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