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Player Promotion Policy

assisting coaches and players

Player Promotion

comba policy

This policy was developed to assist parents, coaches and board members in understanding the process during a play-up request. Conditions and minimum standards are described. 

Under-age players wishing to participate in an advanced division must:

  1. Be of second-year age in their registered division. 

  2. Attend the player evaluation sessions for the advanced division and place in the top 20% of the players in that division on the basis of average score amongst all skills tested. This is a minimum for being considered for advanced placement. 

  3. Be able to perform and conduct themselves at a level which surpasses the average second-year player of the age appropriate division. 

  4. Posses exceptional skill, maturity, physical presence and understanding of the game when compared to players of their own age. This criteria only applies to players whose registered division is Mosquito or above. 

Being among the top players in their registered division does not necessarily qualify any player as being exceptional. 

In the situation where by the beginning of the regular season of the player's registered division, there have been no arrangements for a summer All-Star team in that division, criteria 4 above may be waived by the COMBA board of directors. This exception will only come in to effect if the player being considered is wanting to player summer baseball. 

Other considerations include but are not limited to:

  1. Players interested in playing up will only be permitted to enter the evaluation phase if divisional wait-lists have been satisfied and vacant room still exists on teams. COMBA will cease processing wait-list registrants two days prior to the first evaluation date for that division. 

  2. A parent's interest in coaching or managing at a certain level does not necessarily qualify their child to participate in that division.

  3. Exceptions to this practice can be made to the COMBA board of directors, through a letter of appeal.

  4. It's important to remember, if permission is granted for a player to play in a higher division, that player will not be permitted to play All-Star summer baseball back at the lower division. They will remain at the advanced division for the full year. 

Please note that in all cases, the COMBA board will make the final decision as to whether moving up into another division will be permitted. 

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