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Time to pick up your baseball pants!

Hello COMBA!

It's time to slide into Chevy's Source for Sports to get those baseball pants picked up! See what I did there... slide into Chevy's - Ok, I'm sorry, I'm just in a good mood because the fields are open and we are just a few days away from baseball!

Here is how it works:

Walk into Chevy's Source for Sports, let them know you are with COMBA and you need baseball pants. They will help you find the right size and you walk out with baseball pants... for free! They have your name on file, and will cross your player off the list once your pants are picked up.

In addition, while you there for this visit only, receive 10% off any baseball equipment! The generous team at Chevy's will help you get everything you need for the season! (Due to COVID and wanting to minimize sharing of equipment, we do ask that every player from 6U up please purchase their own bat – this can be done at Source for Sports.)

When can you make this happen?

Right now! You will be able to pick up pants until Sunday April 18th. If you wait to long, the pants will no longer be free! Please get your gear before your first practice, which will be the 12th of April or after.

Where is Source for Sports?

Do I need to purchase shirts or hats?

No! Player uniforms and ball caps will be provided, included in your registration fee.

Play. Hustle. Grow.

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