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9U High Performance B Teams Announced

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Great news - we are going to be making two 9U High Performance B teams this Summer season! The talent and commitment to the game was evident at evaluations and we are thrilled to offer this development opportunity for these athletes.

Thank you to all the players that attended the evaluations and we wish everyone a great Summer season.

The coaching staff for both teams have been selected and you will be hearing more from them soon. We would like to congratulate the players and introduce the teams:

9U HP B Team 1

9U HP B Team 2

Head Coach: Daryle Assman

Head Coach: David Herrington

Declan Assman Austin Cabalfin Conlan Curley Braxten Ertman William Harris Bauer Kort Crofton Kratzer Ford Priest Dominic Sadowski Henry Spence Luca Sprovieri Sean Wins-Purdy

Connor Barrie Caleb Byers Nicholas Faasse Fletcher Fisher Dylan Herrington Hudson Hoogendam Jack Jones Kamden Leach Colton Leonard Jaden McIntyre Kingston Olsen Declan Sirett

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