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BC Air Quality

We, BCMBA, and its directors are receiving many calls and inquiries from some of our interior regions regarding smoke from forest fires. While we have been directed to the following;

You can also review the previous message from BCMBA attached below from Baseball BC. At this time we would expect those regions experiencing poor air quality to adhere to the health recommendations and of course use common sense on a day-by-day, game-by-game basis. Our local Directors will continue to monitor the situations where Regional Championships or Single Season Provincials are being played. It is most probable if the conditions don't allow for safe play the events will be canceled as changing locations with such short notice would be impractical. This of course unless some of the attending Associations wish to step up with secured accommodations and fields and volunteers to run the event. Of course, it is still up to the player's parents at the time to make the decision on their player's availability for any of these events or events leading up to these ones. We, BCMBA, will continue to message as best we can.

Grant Butler, BCLS BCMBA President


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