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From the President's Desk

Hello COMBA membership and volunteers,

We are now well into our Spring season and Summer baseball is right around the corner.

At this time I would like to address COMBA from the interim President’s desk and thank everyone for their hard work and energy in these difficult times. Our association has shown that hard work and dedication can still lead to a fun and competitive program, even in the face of COVID.

COMBA has also been honoured by receiving a nomination for the Best of Kelowna in the category of Minor Sports League. Go Sun Devils!

The Central Okanagan is ready to bring Minor Baseball to new heights and we are excited about the future that holds for our membership. We continue to rely on our volunteers and community to assist us in our vision and are always looking for anyone that is willing to step forward.

You may also have noticed that the Kelowna Sun Devils gear has been extremely popular and we are pleased to see the gear being worn all over the Okanagan. The support has been overwhelming!

To conclude, I want to thank everyone that has contributed to COMBA’s success and we look forward to working with you all as the Kelowna Sun Devils play, hustle and grow.

Darren Kautz

Interim President


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