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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Imagine being out at Edith Gay on crisp, sunny spring day with your ball-obsessed 10-year old. You are a few minutes early, so you decide to go watch the 18U Midget AAA team warm up. They get in a huddle and you hear them shout…

“Play! Hustle! Grow! Sun Devils!”

Your child turns to you with wide eyes and exclaims, “That’s the same cheer as our team!”


In early December, our new Vice President, Dino Cabalfin lead the board through a strategic planning session. One of the stages in that was coming up with our mission and core values. We are proud of that work and the results. Please check out more on our our about page.

From that planning session came a slogan for what we are all about as an organization:

Play. Hustle. Grow.

These are our core values as an organization, a slogan for our website and merchandise, but also a battle cry for our players. We want to see every team, from 5U to 18U using this as their cheer countdown to unify us in our culture.

So as the little ones gather, they will hear the teens chant the same words - inspiring all COMBA players to PLAY - HUSTLE - GROW.

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